The future of America depends on what Christians do – or don't do!

We're a nation on the brink. So much is at stake and Christians could change everything by getting involved. But they're nowhere to be found.

Only 25% of evangelicals vote. Even fewer take a stand on the critical issues of our day. If America falls it will be the fault of believers who knew the truth but refused to stand for it.

The Political Animal Course

Dr. Jeff Myers, President of Summit Ministries, debunks the myths that keep Christians from becoming more like Christ – and changing the world – through political involvement.

Video 1:
How Christian involvement changes the world and why we're on the brink of losing it all
  Video 4:
What's right with America and how biblical principles keep a nation stable and happy

Video 2:
Responding to the four myths that keep Christians ignorant and uninvolved
Video 5:
It's not just about voting: creative ways to get involved and make a difference

Video 3:
Why Christians avoid politics and how they can embrace it with integrity
Video 6:
Political power can be a trap: here's how to stand with grace and not be ensnared

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