Marriage is on the brink of crisis.

It didn't begin with the push to legalize same-sex "marriage." It began when we forgot what marriage is for and why it's good.

But there's hope. We can begin to rebuild a flourishing culture of marriage.

Before we can understand how to make our own marriage better or ways to counter the same-sex "marriage" juggernaut, we need to first understand why marriage is worth saving and the role it plays for whole cultures.

The Good of Marriage Course

Join Summit President Dr. Jeff Myers as he starts at the beginning – the very beginning – to examine why marriage is good, why it's under attack, and what we can do to restore purpose to the institution of marriage.

Video 1: Why before How
Understanding why marriage is good has to come before understanding how to have a good marriage.
  Video 2: Created for Good
Marriage is one unique way in which we reflect the image of God.

Video 3: Spiraling into Chaos
Marriage was a casualty in Satan's rebellion against God, and those opposed to the biblical worldview still have marriage in their sights.
Video 4: Where Is the Hope?
Restoring hope for the institution of marriage requires us to look more closely at the Gospel and its implications for all our relationships.